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A quiet moment by PenUser
A quiet moment
"It was silent- just the chatter of a few soldiers playing cards would break the serene athmosphere. Quietly, more and more heavy shells were lined up, stacked and readied to be sent on their way to spread the deadly gas... this was modern warfare."


This is another one of these pseudo-historical sketches about some WWI- era heavy gun emplacement- lots of shells being readied, the soldiers in their usual tasks or taking breaks- all seems quiet for now. I just had this idea of drawing a massive gun, something like 200mm caliber which had to have a sort of a crane to lift the shells to be loaded. The gun itself and all the equipment are of course just drawn from the top of my head and have no real world model but I hope I got the mass of it all to show well. Maybe I'll have this inked and colored once I have the time from my actual projects and commissions.

Original A3, 0.3mm pencil.

Enjoy! :)
That all you got?- Rendel by PenUser
That all you got?- Rendel
Hello! :)

A commission piece for Rendel, a finnish superheromovie. More info on it on their homepage here: and FB:…

This was a pretty big piece to make, original was A2 size plus there was a lot of fine inking to be made with the shadows. I also tested colored lineart for more detailed effects like the flames, water droplets and puddles- I think they turned out fine so I guess I'll be using this technique more later on. I'll probably have more work cut out what comes to this character, so there's more nice detailed pieces coming up.

Right, back to comics! 
Zeppelin busters (WIP) by PenUser
Zeppelin busters (WIP)
"The Red Arrows were the best at what they did. The best, I tell you. They would dive towards the enemy from on high, revving their twin engines through the heavy flak cover to get that one shot home from their short seventy-five. Sometimes the enemy couldn't even get half of their firepower to bear on the Arrows' plane before their flying battleship went up in flames." - Second Flight Officer Horton.


So, I had this idea of a plane design that I really had to draw- a twin-engine attack aircraft/light bomber in the kind of inter-war/WWII style to it. Propellers, big engines, MG's, lots of rivets and excessive armament for such a small plane! Although, this one wouldn't really fit any actual historical period, so it's kind of a pseudo-historical thing like what if WWI had gone on for five or ten years longer or something and employed heavily armed battle-zeppelins. :D In any case, the plane has an attack armament consisting of one 20mm cannon, one 75mm short-barreled cannon and a few light bombs(2x10 kg, 1x50 kg). All of these are aimed/shot/hand-cycled by the gunner lying down at the front of the plane in his little cupola. The cupola has an integrated targeting and bombing sight. Defensive armament is pretty heavy too, with one backward facing turret at the rear of the fuselage with twin 8mm MG's, and one omni-directional MG on top. The top gunner hasn't even got a cupola to sit in, so he should really hold on to his scarf! The plane also has two pretty big liquid-cooled engines to get all those bombs and cannons in the air, though I suspect the climb rate of this thing is less than stellar even when empty. It would probably slowly gain altitude and then conduct a dive attack before quickly flying away. The recoil of the 75mm would probably be significant, and it has very little ammo too- being cycled by hand it is far too slow to get more than one or two shots off before having to retreat.

That's about it for the specs... Enjoy! :) I'll probably ink and color this one later.

Original A3, 0.3mm pencil(HB). 
Welcome to Ward 76 WIP by PenUser
Welcome to Ward 76 WIP

It's been too long since I've done a nice cyberpunk cityscape piece, since I quite enjoy the excessive detail you can cram into that kind of pic. So here's a work in progress sketch of such a pic- a detective walking the streets of a massive metropolis after midnight.

I'll try to get this inked and colored as soon as possible, but there's a lot of comics waiting to get done, so we'll see how long that takes... in the mean time, I'll try to get some sketches up, or other works.

Enjoy! :)

Original A3, 0.3 mm pencil (HB).

Commissions are open! 

I'll do art for anyone willing to pay a bit of cash in return. Payment via Paypal or bank transfer. For larger works, half of the sum up front, half when the work is complete.


Traditional, pencil and ink:
Neon city sketch by PenUserWH 40K sketch by PenUser
Character compilation WIP by PenUserA night out (WIP) by PenUser
Character planning sketch 'Maletz' by PenUser

Mixed media:
Deus Vult by PenUserPlanetfall by PenUser
Death and Snow by PenUserHellbound by PenUserA night out by PenUser
Might of Rome by PenUserWatching a world burn by PenUser

Acrylic paints:

Requiem new cover 2 by PenUser


-Simple sketches of a character of an environment for example(A4): 3$ for one, 6$ for three.

-Larger sketches(A3, A2): 7$ for one, 16$ for three.


-Colour: 2-15$ extra per picture(higher for backgrounded and bigger pics).

-Complexity: such as very detailed background or technique, adds 5-25$. The larger and more complex, the higher the price.

-Inked A4's: 3$ for one, 6$ for three.

-Inked A3's: 7$ for one, 16$ for three.

-Digital: 10-60$ per picture. Varies.

-Paintings priced per piece: Materials + work time per hour 3$ + shipping.


I'm also available for hiring for game projects, illustration jobs(CD covers, books, posters, web publications), with negotiable payments.



Sci-Fi enthusiast extraordinaire
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Hello there...

Current Residence: Finland
Favourite genre of music: Industrial Metal, electrical
Favourite style of art: Comics in general
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