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August 31, 2012
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Heavy drop troops by PenUser Heavy drop troops by PenUser

The Ares Enterprises heavy assault infantry make up most of the rank and file of the Ares Security, and they are the cannon fodder of the military conglomerate. Within the Ares Security Forces that comprise over 7 billion people, the heavy assault divisions make up for 5 billion out of the total. Whenever there is a conflict, or a "planetary government restructuring" in corporate terms, these are the troops that are sent in to deal with the issue.

While they are not the most sophisticated and well- equipped of the military forces in service in the 26th century, the heavy assault divisions can overrun most other corporate forces by mass alone. The Ares idea of choosing high quantity over high quality has paid off, as more colonies submit to the Ares Enterprises invasions every year.

The flipside of the enormously successful strategy is the high death toll that falls on the massed ranks of Heavy assault divisions, with 5-15% per mission. Even with orbital drops claiming most of the troops, a large amount of troops are exhausted due to the usage of combat stimulants used to improve the conscripts physique and mental state before entering service or battle, making older combat veterans a rare sight. However, this seems to be of little interest to the Ares corporate leaders as it is still inside the range of "acceptable losses". What's more, the rapidly expanding corporation has a nearly inexhaustible source of new recruits from which to form new divisions, with over 55 billion people living in Ares-controlled space.


Finally got the free sketch done for Qwertydesign, here it is. Actually it's not really a sketch, I got a bit carried away and made this kind of info sheet thing. I haven't tried one of these before, so the format and style are probably pretty crappy... but anyway, enjoy.

And the comic... well, it's coming along, although with studies, a bit of work and general exhaustion slowing down the progress. I'm getting there though, and a new batch of pages should be coming within either some days or some weeks, depending on the previously mentioned things.
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Nice armour.
Drop as in "drop-pods" or as "drop-ships"? Anyways, this one is WICKED! Can't wait for more from this comic!
Wow... played Ground Control much? This looks a lot like Cray infantry.
The CHAW reminds me of the main infantry weapon in Ground Control. Combination of a ballistic shield and high-powered automatic rifle.
PenUser Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, no wonder it does. :D GC was one of my favourite games back when it was published, and I drew a lot of ideas from that when I started my comic, like the similar world as in the game plus some design ideas(like this concept).

Glad someone still remembers that game, because it was really excellent. Thanks! :)
PenUser Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! :)
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